Friday, May 20, 2011

Gonna do the monkey....ooh ooh ahh ahhh

Anyone who knows anything, knows a thing about The Wiggles. Even better, these Aussie guys have given our own Al Roker a chance to become an orange wiggle for a day as the 'weather man'. I thought it was pretty cool, and my charges for the day about broke out of their skin at the sight of the wiggles on the today show (As did my daughter... she still loves them). I personally think the wiggles are great. And no they are not a bunch of gay hippies dancing around for screen time. If you have seen a child watch them, you would know that they are enthralled with them. I even have a friend who used to have dreams about one of the wiggles being hot. LOL! Not my choice on the one- but hey to each their own.

I haven't updated in a while- but I shall soon with the stories of my past families. Yet- I did stumble upon this gem. As I was reading some of the articles that I hold dear to my heart- that nannies are not just 'daycare'. There is no truer words. Seriously. I wonder about some of stories I have heard from other nannies I know and/or have read and they are like "oh you do nothing all day, just hang around". Are you kidding me? Yeah now. We are like a mother to your child while gone along with also being a teacher and planning out the day to make sure your darling is thriving and taken care of while you are away. A lot of times we are teaching lessons during the day, spending our off time doing up lesson plans for the month or planning what to do tomorrow.  It is not just a drop and go and your kid will get to play with a multitude of snot faces, it is one on one care that gives your child a place to thrive.  It is pretty simple too to see that your nanny is a person. Not just domestic help (god help those who are attracted by Arnie's), they are people who are pretty important. Ones that are caring for pretty important people in your life. Anyway- here is the link.Happy Nannies

While it might sound I am in angst about this topic I am truly not. I am more-so trying to turn around the horror stories parents hear about the nannies on dateline with the nanny cams. Those few bad apples do not ruin the whole lot. Most of us don't do what we do to just get by, we do it because we want to and *gasp* we like it! We might find a "passion" later in the the profession of a nanny- however I can guarantee it is not far from what we were working as before (hence where I have now found my passion and I am working towards it).

These kids I have right now are great. While I am having a down minute because they are having snack and watching one of their 3 half hour allotment of TV times a day (Handy Manny) I wanted to rave on them a bit. I have been pretty blessed in my profession. Having only 2 nightmares out of 13 families; I say the odds are in my favor. I have been given the chance to get to know many of the families on a personal level and still keep in close touch with a lot of them today. I could see that happening with this family. Right now R and S are whom I work for. R is almost 24 months and S is 3 going on 18 (or so he thinks).  S is quite rambunctious; Nothing I haven't dealt with before and R is just trying to find her way into toddler-ville. However, it is a great change from the last place (zombie children with a parents that didn't give two squats about them). Plus the parents are pretty cool (it makes a difference, trust me). S is getting ready to start school in the fall- well pre-k and it gives me a chance to help him hone his skills. Everyday doing something new to peak his interest and expand that brain a little. He is already pretty smart for a kid his age, and R is following right behind. Plus, my daughter is in HEAVEN because R is like I said- still in that baby stage somewhat and all she wants is a baby sister. So, in suto wise, she has one for 8 hours a day.

Uh oh.. Mannny is going off.. I shall update more later!

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