Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My hubby is getting locked up

Any help would be awesome. We were informed that he will be arrested on the 17th of August. Don't even bother asking what crime he has committed, because its not important. However, I will need help posting his bail! I just have to raise bail of $3,000.00 before the lock up and they will go easy on him. But I need your assistance in doing so, to post bond. Please lend me your support during the MDA lock up. Jesse lives with the type of muscular dystrophy called spinal muscular atrophy (aka SMA). As many know it doesnt hold him down from anything. (trust me, he drives me crazy with it), but we are hoping to make that difference for another kid with not only SMA but the other 42 kinds of MD that they cover.

Your 100% tax-deductible donation will help MDA continue research into the cause and the possible cure of the 43 neuromuscular diseases they cover. Your support of the MDA Lock-Up will also help MDA provide medical equipment, clinic visits, support groups and a magical week of MDA Summer Camp for the families served by the Association in our local area. (Camp Maria right off of Medleys Neck Road in Leonardtown).  Below is the link to donate directly online.


____$800 (Camp Sponsorship)
____$100 (Support Group Sponsorship)
____$74 (Minute of Research Sponsorship)
____The amount I can afford
You can mail your donation to me at: PO BOX 1026, Leonardtown, MD 20650
**** Make Checks Payable to MDA

PLEASE for the love of GOD... do not let my husband get locked up. I might just leave him there! :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Its my life...

...don't you forget.....caught in the crowd...it never ends.. -- No Doubt "It My Life"

It is so true. Sometimes you think, does it ever end? No. That is the truth. No. When you are a nanny it never ends. When you go home, from your job normally you leave it behind. You then wake up at 6am and do it again. But as a nanny, you do not just "stop and go home".

Let me just interject something.. "Silence. Silence I say. I am a dinosaur, ya hear me?" --S, 3 years old. (I am thinking achmed the dead terrorist puppet has been introduced in this household. But that doesn't surprise me.. the Nutty W's. )

Digression at its best. I guess I stop some things huh? Either way, back to what I was saying, you dont just go home. You dont just leave your job for the day. If you go to the store with me, somewhere along the way I am going to guarantee you that you will hear a car honking at me, with 4 girls in the back waving feverishly like a they have a bad case of tourettes. I go on facebook and see that another has just had surgery on her finger because she decided to do a triple mount and nailed it just the wrong way. Or while in the store one that is peaking around me from the toy aisle whispering in the loudest but quietest stalker "HEY! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!" . LOL! Or you also get ones that come up to you a a local event while I am talking to a cat adoption place and asks me for money that is a promise to "go to the donation dog or for cotton candy, whatever I decide". But does not just go away. You dont just say bye and forget it for the next 10 hours to just trudge through it the next day.

Mind you the day goes full throttle during the normal 9 hours I am here. From the time 8:45 hits its a never ending until that short bit of null from 1:30 - 2:45. And even then it is making sure projects, snacks, shoes are placed properly for the monsoon to come at the hour of 3. Every job has been different (2 my heart breaks to think of what is happening now) but none have been the same. Some have been 1 child, some have been 4. One benefit, my daughter, she has received the interaction that has had her flourish beyond measure. And the other perks... empathy, lifelong friends, watching kids who are quiet become mindful of their voice, seeing those who are crazy when you show up because they are to old for you- jump out of a window because they are mad but then become your buddy for life. However, I could do without the attitudes and tantrums. My god if the purple shovel with the flowers is that imperative just take it.

But.. I do say. My life.. it is my life. It is something I have chosen.However, I constantly hear...
1."It's not a real job"
2. "you color all day, what is so hard about that"
3. "so you change a few diapers and deal with tantrums"
4. "okay, you didnt get paid this week, but you are just a babysitter, they will get to it"
5. "You babysit, you are not a teacher. I am a teacher, try my job"

Oh boy.. the words I could say to this.
1) it is a real job. I work 9 hours a day making sure that every minute is filled with keeping someone elses cherub entertained and doing "the monkey" for the gazillonth time. I make sure they are fed proper meals consisting of veggies and fruit, along with calcium and protein everyday; ya know fully balanced so that your child thrives at their checkup. I make sure the tears are gone within a nanosecond flat. I make sure that naps are taken care of so when the parents come home they are given their angels instead of hell spawn. I make sure that the house is picked up in proper order to make sure that the potential for burning the house down doesnt show. I make sure that germs are combated so that the incessant nose picking doesnt turn into the flu affecting the masses. I make sure that cookies are not snuck and hoarded in the book bin before nap time.

2) Coloring is not all inclusive in this position. Trust me half the time, that is the LAST thing that is on the minute mind of a kid. If that was all it was, I think I would smack my own head against the wall.

3) Okay. When a kid, let alone anyone has the hershey squirts.. how that for a mental picture? yeah. Didn't think so. The penetration of that smell does not stop harassing your nostrils for days. Not just when that 'genie' takes care of the diaper (btw those things dont work, they are a waste of money). Tantrums, yeah they raise blood pressure. Not something that is welcomed. Funny sometimes, yes. You have to be amused sometimes. But trust me when I say that it gets old really really fast. Because the fact that you cant throw dirt in your sisters face because a facial is due, doesnt give the rights for the nanny to not discipline and in turn be given the apocalypse tantrum.

4) I have dealt with bosses who dont give a crap in the corporate world and same goes for those who are in the nanny world. However, here is where it differs. For some reason we are the 'hired help' or 'domestic help' or 'the go to beyotch' in the nanny realm. Whatever suits your fancy, personally if I had to choose one of those titles, the last would be more of my repertoire.  That doesnt mean we are any less than that of the wall street executive. We are still doing a job and require the right and full amount of payment we are not only due but are worth. And when I say worth, that goes for fair pay. There is actually litigation getting ready to happen on behalf of nannies in NYC for being paid less than what minimum wage is today. In the state of MD 7.25/hr is minimum wage. Have I been paid less? yes. But sometimes the demographic comes into play. AND if I like the family, I will take a lower pay until things work out better for them or me, and its better than being with a rotten boss. But does that mean I am lower class? HA you wish. I am one of 5 nannies in the area. NANNY. Not a babysitter. So its slim picking compared to being over run with them in big cities. I do so much more than that of a 16 year old making a couple bucks to go and visit a key house for a knock of dolce gabana.

5) Not a teacher; by state boards no. Because I never took the PRAXIS. I jumped off that ship when I got into  the class that was about teaching 30 children to read at once. That was my point where I couldnt go on with that degree. However, that doesnt mean that I am not keeping on the up and up of the newest phonics program. That Disney Juniors coolest project on pirate hats is where it is at. To bring to life the 8 planets in the solar system after last weeks launch. Not to mention that bagukan and pokemon are still rad. Lesson plans, along with the general abc's and 1,2,3's come into play everyday.

 I am going towards another profession in about 4 years... but it will still involve what I do, but on a higher level. Will these kids be erased from my life? No. Because I wont forget... This is my life my and has been my profession for the last 9 years. Would I change it and run away for the admin I was in before? Would I trade the diapers and snot rockets for the black slacks and endless coffee? Well, the coffee that is a huge deal breaker.....

Oh yeah.. and the ear bug.. you are welcome. LOL


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blessings in disguise

Some days I look back at the first parts of my nanny career. I think about all the children I have been with. I can find a blessing within each one of them. Sometimes it is a blessing of patience but a lot of times, they bless me with their little selfs.

Lets talk about one who was a true blessing to me. I met this little girl back in 2006. I wasn't sure what was entailed as I had never fully be one on one with a child who had a disability. Sure I had worked in a setting where I "helped" with a physically and mentally disabled child, but never one on one by myself for 7 hours a day. I wasnt scared persay- but I was more so curious as to what would come of everything. Would there be communication barriers? Would I have to speak differently? Would I have to do 3 separate routines? (because there was one older, and a infant along with her). Would I even know how to help if the verbal skills were none?

Little did I know that I was about to be taught something, not teach.

For the sake of privacy we will call this little girl flower. Because there are still turds out there in cyberspace who are disgusting (and if I ever find you trolling here, you will have hell to pay) but I digress Flower from the first day let me know that I was the dumb one. I was stupid for even thinking there was a remote possibility for having to do something differently with her. Sure I had to say things more than once, but seriously tell me what kid you DONT have to do that with. The first day I was there, I was instantly told "NOOOOOOOOOOOO"... not "no" but with emphasis on the "O" part when I went to buckle her into her booster seat. This was foreign territory for me- as I was the one to do this, but Flower quickly showed me who was in charge. LOL! 

She also taught me to slow down while going full force. What the means is, I dont need to always have the control of fast while diving into something full throttle. Let me explain this. Flower liked to go into Q's room and take all the books off the shelf. And when I say all, I mean ALL. I would pick them up multiple times a day. I am sure that the parents thought I just left them there all day, whereas in reality that right there was a 10,000 pick up game every 10 minutes. No joke. But, I would try and put them back smallest to biggest, and or color coded for easier access for the other two. Why did I try? Flower made it apparent that was not the way things were to be handled. The best way to do clean up was to get the job done. Not to organize. There is no organization in life. But there are ways to live it with minimal organization. Not to say the books were not a thorn in my side, but she did let me see the wonder of the actual stories through the pictures, not just the words. She would surround herself with these books, pick them up, flip the book from hand to hand studying the cover, and then go through the book with detail. Every color, shape, animal, person, line meant something. It meant something to her and it started meaning something to me. I could see the depth and how it spoke to her. I could see the colors and how they pulled her world together. Through those almond shaped eyes, she saw something magical.

She also taught me that opinions matter, no matter how young you are. She was always there to give hers, whether it was wanted at that time or not. While it might have not been savored at that moment, it was thought provoking. Maybe not always through exact words of her swollen tongue, but it intended something. She spoke to me in ways that I was not used to. Through the use of her hands. Yes, sign language. The use of the hands are amazing. She taught me the worth of a word unspoken but gestured. She was the one who would sneak candy when I wasnt looking to coat that puffy tounge with sugar. She was my sweetness in life.

She taught me what love was. Unconditional love. She taught me that through the frustration, I am always going to be given a hug, a bright smile that makes the eyes disappear into the face. That through the "Nooooooooooo's" (the extra o's are imperative) and the stubborn as a mule attitude about doing things her way, not mine are welcomed. And that through the light of the soul, it can be born into what society breeds as normal.

Today she is thriving- in kindergarten. She is talking great. She is doing awesome in her school. When I did get to see her last she said my name with such clarity I almost cried. She sat on my lap the entire time she was with me and just stroked my face and said my name. It melted my heart. I had missed her. The other two were strange around me for a bit (and the fact that E was a baby when they left and now she was full throttle saying my name and having full conversations with me just threw me for a loop) but they warmed up quicly.

I have seen Flower that 1 time in person since they have moved away. I see thousands of pictures of Flower and her brother and sister, Q and E. And its not that I love Q and E any less, however I had to share the joy of what I was given. That is sometimes the brutal part of this job. They go away. You lose the people you care about. The family as a whole. The parents who are great. the kids who rock your world. However you can hope you leave a mark. But what really happens is that they leave a mark on you.

Flower does not have a disability. She has an ability to show people who they really are.  To bring out the real 'you'. To show that the fears or the questions you have really are easier than you make them. That it might be the hardest thing in the world to let go of your ways...and see that others are actually doing it right.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Gonna do the monkey....ooh ooh ahh ahhh

Anyone who knows anything, knows a thing about The Wiggles. Even better, these Aussie guys have given our own Al Roker a chance to become an orange wiggle for a day as the 'weather man'. I thought it was pretty cool, and my charges for the day about broke out of their skin at the sight of the wiggles on the today show (As did my daughter... she still loves them). I personally think the wiggles are great. And no they are not a bunch of gay hippies dancing around for screen time. If you have seen a child watch them, you would know that they are enthralled with them. I even have a friend who used to have dreams about one of the wiggles being hot. LOL! Not my choice on the one- but hey to each their own.

I haven't updated in a while- but I shall soon with the stories of my past families. Yet- I did stumble upon this gem. As I was reading some of the articles that I hold dear to my heart- that nannies are not just 'daycare'. There is no truer words. Seriously. I wonder about some of stories I have heard from other nannies I know and/or have read and they are like "oh you do nothing all day, just hang around". Are you kidding me? Yeah now. We are like a mother to your child while gone along with also being a teacher and planning out the day to make sure your darling is thriving and taken care of while you are away. A lot of times we are teaching lessons during the day, spending our off time doing up lesson plans for the month or planning what to do tomorrow.  It is not just a drop and go and your kid will get to play with a multitude of snot faces, it is one on one care that gives your child a place to thrive.  It is pretty simple too to see that your nanny is a person. Not just domestic help (god help those who are attracted by Arnie's), they are people who are pretty important. Ones that are caring for pretty important people in your life. Anyway- here is the link.Happy Nannies

While it might sound I am in angst about this topic I am truly not. I am more-so trying to turn around the horror stories parents hear about the nannies on dateline with the nanny cams. Those few bad apples do not ruin the whole lot. Most of us don't do what we do to just get by, we do it because we want to and *gasp* we like it! We might find a "passion" later in the the profession of a nanny- however I can guarantee it is not far from what we were working as before (hence where I have now found my passion and I am working towards it).

These kids I have right now are great. While I am having a down minute because they are having snack and watching one of their 3 half hour allotment of TV times a day (Handy Manny) I wanted to rave on them a bit. I have been pretty blessed in my profession. Having only 2 nightmares out of 13 families; I say the odds are in my favor. I have been given the chance to get to know many of the families on a personal level and still keep in close touch with a lot of them today. I could see that happening with this family. Right now R and S are whom I work for. R is almost 24 months and S is 3 going on 18 (or so he thinks).  S is quite rambunctious; Nothing I haven't dealt with before and R is just trying to find her way into toddler-ville. However, it is a great change from the last place (zombie children with a parents that didn't give two squats about them). Plus the parents are pretty cool (it makes a difference, trust me). S is getting ready to start school in the fall- well pre-k and it gives me a chance to help him hone his skills. Everyday doing something new to peak his interest and expand that brain a little. He is already pretty smart for a kid his age, and R is following right behind. Plus, my daughter is in HEAVEN because R is like I said- still in that baby stage somewhat and all she wants is a baby sister. So, in suto wise, she has one for 8 hours a day.

Uh oh.. Mannny is going off.. I shall update more later!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Found this brilliance today!

Found this lovely bit today! Check it out.

13 things your nanny wont tell you

#1- yes! It is a profession. An actual job. For those who think we just sit around and watch the kids run rampant- try again. Also remember we are not just the "help", we are doing this as a profession and MOST of us like our jobs!

#2- yes. While we like to be included as a part of the family- we are doing this as a job. While we love your kids all day- some of us have families waiting at home, or other things that we need to do for our lives. We love you and your children however we like parents need their time too.

‎#3-oh my goodness! This is huge. I personally have never been only been in one place that was filthy and thankfully only there for 2 weeks. However, if I do your dishes and or the kids wash it is because it is easier for me to function during the day but also I dont mind helping you out. But do not expect me to be the house cleaner. My sole priority is the kids, and if the dishes dont get done before you get home, look at your kids and see if they are happy. If they are then that is better than any soapy sponge.

#4- Live in nannies most absolutely need a place to retreat. Just like a parent needs a breather, so does the nanny. And a good night sleep, along with a place to just decompress will make it better for your kids the next day.

#5- boundaries need to be reasonable. I have actually had to put it in my contract for communication because the lack of these skills in society alone will kill a person. But when you dont tell me something is off limits, that includes toys for the kids, art supplies, outdoor items, gardening things, food, etc I am not going to know. And if I am not supposed to use it, dont wig out like a 2 year old having a tantrum. That just makes you look like a jerk and will make me want to leave. Which will leave 3 or more parties in a bind: you without care, me without a job and the most important: the stability of the kid(s). So, just be normal and reasonable, and know that I am a human being too.

#6- Please understand the medical authority is crucial. Just because you sign that paper that sits in the folder stating I have the means of taking them to the hospital in the event of trauma while blowing up your cell phone on the way there.. doesnt mean something is going to happen. Kids get hurt, and sometimes by acting like optimus prime fighting megatron off of the jungle gym, yet I need to have all bases covered to make sure care happens. If it doesnt- then worse things could happen.

#7- it all starts with trust. I have run all the background checks and you are welcomed to also. But then understand I am not a serial killer. I know other nannies have given us good ones a bad name with the horrific scenes on nanny cams, however we are not all like that.

#8- Please please please understand in most of these states we are not considered under labor laws. We doing a job that is not recognized as needing to be protected. But it is a job that deserves respect just like yours does. Like the last sentence says "Help us get fair treatment everywhere. " That includes from those in the household and outside the household.

#9- I cannot stress enough how important it is to understand nannies need a chance to bond with your children to gain their trust. While they are your babies and always will be the apple of your eye, you need to understand we chose you and your family for a reason: we like you, and want your children to gain that perspective of us. And with you in the room, they will automatically run to you for anything, and that will not help us with anything. Also, the authority of the nanny needs to stand when she is working her appointed hours. Try your best to back us up with any discipline or charges, because if you over rule anything we do or say while we are there it just causes the children to disarm our authority. 

#10- Yes! Yes! Yes. It is our day off, and that is just it. Do not call me when you decide "oh I want to go shopping with out katie" or "bob called and wants to meet up for drinks after work". I am not a babysitter, I am a nanny which is a profession. When I am not there, you should want to be with your children. If you want to have date night or have a night out- you could ask ahead of time and see if I am willing, but if I tell you no do not get yourself bent out of shape. Call up Molly who just got her ARC babysitter cert from girlscouts and have her come and hang. OR, ask me if I know someone who might want to come hang whom I trust. I wont steer you wrong. Yet, know that I have possibly made plans and that is okay.

#11- That all about me child form.. yeah its imperative. That helps me build trust with you, but also your child. To know their favorite color is blue, to know that they have a lovie at nap time, to know that the detourant of Steve singing the "mail song" will cure a tantrum in nanoseconds is crucial. It is also great to know what things are no go's with your kids. Peanuts=Anaphylactic shock is a good thing to know so that peanut butter cookies are off the list. Or that Suzi is not suppose to have markers because she likes to tattoo herself, or even that the mega lego bin is off limits for 3 days because Johnny decided to play superman off the dogs back. Communication is a huge tool that needs to be utilized.

#12- This is a good thing so I know how to divert and issue if green is not the color of the hour because of Flubber freaking her out over the weekend. I need to know what happens when I am not there to know how to assess situations.

#13- that is right. I love my job. And I am hoping you love me just as much as your kids do. That love can stay professional but compassionate and as much as "human being" as possible.    

Monday, January 31, 2011

I am here..

and discordant. I shall start sharing past happenings of families and the crazy wild wonderful world of nanny-ing. however- right now- I need to find a job.

Postings coming tomorrow!

Nanny out.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cool things

So in my line of work, I am privy to some cool things. Of course, I am going to sign up for some things online.

One being Gourmet Mom! I love love love her website. Her post on twitter today http://quick-dish.tablespoon.com/2011/01/25/pbj-sushi/ HOW CUTE IS THAT? PBJ sushi? Are you kidding? I shall be trying this tonight with my monkey.

Another for today is Disney Family. I love this site because it has a lot of fun ideas. Crafts/food/entertainment. It is like an online magazine for those of us who don't have time to look at a magazine. Specific for tis the season: http://family.go.com/food/recipe-852461-snow-cream-t/ Snow ice cream!

Hence.. another. PBS Parents. Here is a yummy one that my daughter loves http://www.pbs.org/parents/kitchenexplorers/2011/01/18/solomon%E2%80%99s-quintessential-queso-dip/ Queso dip that does not burn the taste buds!

I am going to explore it some more- but I figured you could explore with me and report back. This looks pretty awesome: http://www.activekidsclub.com/

I will have some more "non-kid" websites to share with you in a few! Ciao for now.

You're not gonna die..

So many parents I have noticed are starting to go nuts. I say that including myself. I am a mother of a 5 year old and with her being my one and only child (so far) I of course had some of the spazz attacks about what should and should not use/do when it came to things. However, through the lovely use of technology- I signed up for a twitter account and follow a couple of things. One being these Daily Parent Tip. This was one of the many gems that came through today. http://www.tweenparent.com/articles/view/139 (read at your leisure...)

But I bring this up because of a few of them. I have had families that are on both ends of the spectrum. Ones that are so manic that I swear they bleach their children to ones that are a little to lax and let their kids poop on the floor and don't realize it until they walk in the bathroom later. (yes, this is true.. names withheld of course).  But what I wanted to point out in all of this is- there are some things that kids are going to do, no matter what age they are that will NOT kill them. Seriously. I promise you. Eating dirt is one of them. Of course not in excess, but if you are getting ready for spring like I am- and notice little Johnny over there using his shovel as a spoon... don't freak. Simply rinse out his mouth and go about your day. I have had some crazy things happen as a nanny- some that to this day still gross me out- but I do realize it comes with the territory.

Another thing- germs. Kids are gonna get them. Best of the best for kid hands is not the sanitizer you pump from a bottle. Wipes are the way to go. A study was showing that the amount of alcohol in those pumps along with the antibacterial notions included stayed on the hands and didn't absorb. This being said.. who knows a kid that does not stick their hands in their mouth- or a finger or whatever? Not I. Every single kid I know does. At one point or another. In the recent of a year and a 1/2 I had one family that was on the anal spectrum of germs. The mother would have her kids wash their hands before dinner.. as appropriately everyone should. However she would then douse (and I mean douse) their hands in the pump bottles of sanitizer. Mind you one was of an age knowing to wipe your hands after you rub, the other being a mere 18 months old and choosing to think it was cute to lick the sanitizer off her hands- while her mother stood by and just said "_______ don't do that".

......Uh no......

Don't do that doesn't suffice. I would of course have to be the one who was not crazy, go over and help baby rub hands together and then wipe them off because she would use her hands to eat. Utensils at this age are optional fare in their eyes. LOL. But my point being that dang... while your child is using her hand as a lollipop to eat this sanitizer? UH NO! It is a chemical. Just sayin..

Also- the 5 second rule.. yeah.. I am gonna say I am not one down with picking food up off the floor- however I do want to point out that Mythbusters did a whole thing on the 5 second rule. Depending on where you are of course- it will matter if you drop your lollipop on the floor where there are cockroaches and crap. However if you drop it on the kitchen floor (as long as you are not a crappy housekeeper)- grab it and rinse it off.  It is okay. It really is okay.

I guess what I am trying to say is, keep your kids healthy and make sure they are properly taken care of. Yet, don't over exercise the fact of sanitizing everything. Including your kids.

So.. in my point of everything.. germs happen. It is a moot point. But- please please please use wipes over the pump. Your kid could get sick and die if the ingestion of this germ killer becomes to much for their little bodies.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Just ask...

There are just certain aspects to the job that are included with being a nanny. Such as the general care and attendance to the children- but along with that comes anything involved with the children. This includes, but is not limited to cleaning any messes or finding the covert fingerprints in various places. To keeping their room tidy, making sure there are no hidden surprises in toilets and even doing the children's laundry. If it involves the child, then the nanny does it. However, anything over and above that is not, as a general rule the nannies responsibility. Yet, I digress, it is up to the nanny if she is willing to help with other things in the household if she feels inclined.

Where am I going with this? Well, I guess I am going to the point of it is not to be assumed that the nanny will run the household for you other than to make sure your angels do not burn down the house. However, if there is something you would like the nanny to keep up on- or do for you, etc etc you need to communicate. Communication is the key that opens doors. You cannot assume one might know what ESP's you are sending if you dont make it apparent.

Far to many times, I had run in's happen like this. Some quickly squelched when the point of contract came up, others not so much. Some had to be spelled out as to say "You didnt A-S-K, so I didnt K-N-O-W"... dont get me started on Medusa. She would just contemplate that it was a known fact no matter how many times you spouted common sense as a word in the dictionary. But, I digress, this sparked a point when I was reading this article Communicating with your nanny

The passive-aggressive nature with your nanny is just crazy. Out of all people you should want to be on a open basis rather than one that is a closed door. The majority of my families adapted to my policy very quickly. I even had one that would regularly email me every week with blessings and thanks in turn asking what she could do to make sure to reiterate any lessons or tactics to her kids when I wasnt there. Clearly this is one that was choosing to work with me, than holding "I am mama hear me roar". (trust me, it is not a competition, you are always mama and I dont hold that place.. that is another blog though).

Far to many times, I have had mis-communication build because there has not been the revolving door of "hey so yeah...". Luckily those times were not with different families (only 2).  In the article a counselor says that there have been parents who "get cramps having to think about asking their nanny to unload the dishwasher". My question is why? There is nothing wrong- as long as I am not running around like a chicken- or roll playing the farmer in the dell for that matter, that when little Susie is down for her afternoon slumber that I cannot put the dishes in or out of dishwasher to help you save some time to spend with your baby when you get home. Because generally when parents are away from their children- they want to come home to them- and I most certainly would rather you get that time with your child(ren), than having to say "Mummy has to unload the racks before we cuddle". No, cuddle is more important than your set of corning wear.

Yet, I must digress.....

...here is where the communication part comes in. If it doesnt get done- you cannot flip your lid and have the snakes come flying out of your roots. Stop and say "hey, what was your day like or wow you and Jack must've been busy" and then see what comes of it, instead of assuming that your Corelle didnt get unloaded.  I have done other things for my families that were above and beyond the natural duties. All just because they said hey- if you have time I am overwhelmed and I need help. K. So be it. I have had no problems doing the wash- throwing towels and sheets in, or running the vacuum, walking the dogs, etc etc. All because I was just simply asked. And truly with regard to how I would feel about it- not demanded or assumed.

The simple truth as stated in the article: Ask.

It might feel funny. But what is worse is the funny feeling I get that you are uncomfortable about something and or want to ask something but don't and then it becomes awkward. Or whatever the feeling is.. then the passive-aggressive starts and its just one big pile of poo that doesn't need to be scooped up if it doesn't happen in the first place. So.. in the right of saying "You don't know until you ask"... adopt that. Your nanny is someone who can obviously be trusted. While I am not your best friend- I don't mind helping out.
anyway..read the article and see that I am trying to let you know it is okay to say "hey..."Now of course.. underwear... that is a different story....

So in recent events.. it has got me thinking.....

In regards to my profession: A Nanny.. I wonder why it is that the employers (parents of the children I nanny for) become so hostile when the notice is given. I ask this because I have noticed I am not the only one this has happened to. You are the best thing since sliced bread when you are working for the person- but then the notice is given and they turn on you like a swarm of bee's. While it is pretty true to self- in reading another nanny's blog, she says:

Unfortunately, most of the mothers who employ nannies would never "lower" themselves to take care of other people's children. As nice as these parents seem when their nanny is doing what they are supposed to be doing, they change when their nanny leaves.

While I know of 2 families that I have been with- would do it if they were able- the others I wonder why the hell is this profession thought of as "low" on the totem poll? Why am I any less of a professional in my job than you are for what you do. Aren't I the one who is helping to mold and protect one of your most precious assets? I am not trying to be pompous or come across as someone who is to be worshiped. Quite the contrary- I am just trying to understand as to why it is viewed- that the profession I choose is thought to be something of an indentured servant over a acceptable job in the world of business?

I guess what I am trying to say is: please explain to me this attitude, this entitled attitude these families have regarding their nannies. Why do they treat them like slaves? Why not wish them well and send them off with a smile and a good luck? Why are people such complete jerks?

A Nanny earns a child's respect by understanding what they say...
By listening to their problems, and being mindful of them every day.

Musings of a Nanny

Good Morrow... or at least that is what I think they say.

I have started this blog as sort of a project. Something in the forms of a recount and reconstruction of my days as a nanny to the reconstruction of the job as a whole. A position that is to be represented, yet given the right in the world as a profession.

I have been a nanny for a little over 8 years and have been through the good, bad, and utterly ugly. All of my families I still think of fondly- this mostly includes the children.. yet there are some of the parents who will resonate in the memories also. A lot of topics and memoirs will be covered, however I choose to make this an interactive blog and encourage feedback. To date I have been with 9 families. That may seem like a lot in 8 years however some of them were held dual (nanny share is the technical name). Ages ranged from 3 months to 13 years of age. Some with a household of 5 to a household of 1. All sorts, all backgrounds. Some quite interesting and some quite scary. Luckily I have only ever been put in a position where I would fear for my safety once. It was quite the bin of rubbish if I do say so myself.  Otherwise, I have only had one employer who I shall refer to as Medusa. She is the latest of my "iceberg" and had a sense of entitlement of Queen Elizabeth. Quite enough excitement at the position thank you!

By trade I am considered a "live-out" nanny. I prefer it that way, as I am married with a child of my own. Yet, I only have positive things that have come from the times of my child going with me to my jobs (sans the 2 crazy households). I have done everything from homeschooling to baking cookies. Outings to long excursions to even having those I have worked for find me on face book so that I might watch them grow over time. It is actually an amazing job if you think of it. These children are given to you a stranger and when you leave exchanging a piece of your heart with theirs.

So with that, I will say this is my first post. The musings of Nanny Poppins. While I do not carry a magic carpet bag and fly, I do have a "snaps" to make the job a game!