Thursday, May 26, 2011

Its my life...

...don't you forget.....caught in the never ends.. -- No Doubt "It My Life"

It is so true. Sometimes you think, does it ever end? No. That is the truth. No. When you are a nanny it never ends. When you go home, from your job normally you leave it behind. You then wake up at 6am and do it again. But as a nanny, you do not just "stop and go home".

Let me just interject something.. "Silence. Silence I say. I am a dinosaur, ya hear me?" --S, 3 years old. (I am thinking achmed the dead terrorist puppet has been introduced in this household. But that doesn't surprise me.. the Nutty W's. )

Digression at its best. I guess I stop some things huh? Either way, back to what I was saying, you dont just go home. You dont just leave your job for the day. If you go to the store with me, somewhere along the way I am going to guarantee you that you will hear a car honking at me, with 4 girls in the back waving feverishly like a they have a bad case of tourettes. I go on facebook and see that another has just had surgery on her finger because she decided to do a triple mount and nailed it just the wrong way. Or while in the store one that is peaking around me from the toy aisle whispering in the loudest but quietest stalker "HEY! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!" . LOL! Or you also get ones that come up to you a a local event while I am talking to a cat adoption place and asks me for money that is a promise to "go to the donation dog or for cotton candy, whatever I decide". But does not just go away. You dont just say bye and forget it for the next 10 hours to just trudge through it the next day.

Mind you the day goes full throttle during the normal 9 hours I am here. From the time 8:45 hits its a never ending until that short bit of null from 1:30 - 2:45. And even then it is making sure projects, snacks, shoes are placed properly for the monsoon to come at the hour of 3. Every job has been different (2 my heart breaks to think of what is happening now) but none have been the same. Some have been 1 child, some have been 4. One benefit, my daughter, she has received the interaction that has had her flourish beyond measure. And the other perks... empathy, lifelong friends, watching kids who are quiet become mindful of their voice, seeing those who are crazy when you show up because they are to old for you- jump out of a window because they are mad but then become your buddy for life. However, I could do without the attitudes and tantrums. My god if the purple shovel with the flowers is that imperative just take it.

But.. I do say. My life.. it is my life. It is something I have chosen.However, I constantly hear...
1."It's not a real job"
2. "you color all day, what is so hard about that"
3. "so you change a few diapers and deal with tantrums"
4. "okay, you didnt get paid this week, but you are just a babysitter, they will get to it"
5. "You babysit, you are not a teacher. I am a teacher, try my job"

Oh boy.. the words I could say to this.
1) it is a real job. I work 9 hours a day making sure that every minute is filled with keeping someone elses cherub entertained and doing "the monkey" for the gazillonth time. I make sure they are fed proper meals consisting of veggies and fruit, along with calcium and protein everyday; ya know fully balanced so that your child thrives at their checkup. I make sure the tears are gone within a nanosecond flat. I make sure that naps are taken care of so when the parents come home they are given their angels instead of hell spawn. I make sure that the house is picked up in proper order to make sure that the potential for burning the house down doesnt show. I make sure that germs are combated so that the incessant nose picking doesnt turn into the flu affecting the masses. I make sure that cookies are not snuck and hoarded in the book bin before nap time.

2) Coloring is not all inclusive in this position. Trust me half the time, that is the LAST thing that is on the minute mind of a kid. If that was all it was, I think I would smack my own head against the wall.

3) Okay. When a kid, let alone anyone has the hershey squirts.. how that for a mental picture? yeah. Didn't think so. The penetration of that smell does not stop harassing your nostrils for days. Not just when that 'genie' takes care of the diaper (btw those things dont work, they are a waste of money). Tantrums, yeah they raise blood pressure. Not something that is welcomed. Funny sometimes, yes. You have to be amused sometimes. But trust me when I say that it gets old really really fast. Because the fact that you cant throw dirt in your sisters face because a facial is due, doesnt give the rights for the nanny to not discipline and in turn be given the apocalypse tantrum.

4) I have dealt with bosses who dont give a crap in the corporate world and same goes for those who are in the nanny world. However, here is where it differs. For some reason we are the 'hired help' or 'domestic help' or 'the go to beyotch' in the nanny realm. Whatever suits your fancy, personally if I had to choose one of those titles, the last would be more of my repertoire.  That doesnt mean we are any less than that of the wall street executive. We are still doing a job and require the right and full amount of payment we are not only due but are worth. And when I say worth, that goes for fair pay. There is actually litigation getting ready to happen on behalf of nannies in NYC for being paid less than what minimum wage is today. In the state of MD 7.25/hr is minimum wage. Have I been paid less? yes. But sometimes the demographic comes into play. AND if I like the family, I will take a lower pay until things work out better for them or me, and its better than being with a rotten boss. But does that mean I am lower class? HA you wish. I am one of 5 nannies in the area. NANNY. Not a babysitter. So its slim picking compared to being over run with them in big cities. I do so much more than that of a 16 year old making a couple bucks to go and visit a key house for a knock of dolce gabana.

5) Not a teacher; by state boards no. Because I never took the PRAXIS. I jumped off that ship when I got into  the class that was about teaching 30 children to read at once. That was my point where I couldnt go on with that degree. However, that doesnt mean that I am not keeping on the up and up of the newest phonics program. That Disney Juniors coolest project on pirate hats is where it is at. To bring to life the 8 planets in the solar system after last weeks launch. Not to mention that bagukan and pokemon are still rad. Lesson plans, along with the general abc's and 1,2,3's come into play everyday.

 I am going towards another profession in about 4 years... but it will still involve what I do, but on a higher level. Will these kids be erased from my life? No. Because I wont forget... This is my life my and has been my profession for the last 9 years. Would I change it and run away for the admin I was in before? Would I trade the diapers and snot rockets for the black slacks and endless coffee? Well, the coffee that is a huge deal breaker.....

Oh yeah.. and the ear bug.. you are welcome. LOL


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